Men And Women Shalwar Kameez Eid Collections

                                     Men And Women Shalwar Kameez Eid Collections

Fashion Industry began early in 19th century. Though it was started in Europe and America, but with globalization, it had reached pakistani & other countries too. Because of this fashion wave in pakistan, fashion designers & clothing manufacturers have pulled up their sleeves & have started designing pakistani ethnic clothes that are in line with today's fashion & fad. We all know pakistan as a land of diversity; same is true in fashion trends also. There are so many fashionable trends that come & go but one trend that is here from longer time & is getting evolved with passing time, is Salwar Kameez.

When it comes to women's ethnic clothing, there seems to be an endless variety like sarees, lehengas, kurtis, leggings etc. but among all of these ethnic wears, one outfit that has occupied special rack in women's wardrobe is salwar kamez.  Originally from Punjab and Balochistan in pakistan, Salwar Suits have evolved with time & have gained popularity across the globe to such an extent that they have attained reputed position in fashion ramps worldwide.

Salwar Kameez, as the name says, is a traditional pakistani dress loved by all women across the planet. It is one of the most favorable outfits of ladies not only in pakistan but also in South Asia/India/Afghanistan and Central Asia.  Salwar Kameez is a 3-piece clothing fabric where salwar/bottom is a like trouser or pajamas having legs wide at top and narrow at ankle. The kameez/top is a long shirt or tunic like in which both the sides are left open below the waist line to give the wearer a greater freedom of movement. Salwar Kameez is often paired up with stole like dupatta that acts as a stylish accessory & completes the entire outfit.

Salwar Suit is one such costume that has inspired the entire fashion industry all over the world & they have started designing their clothes by taking inspiration from it in terms of ease & comfort. It has taken its position in most fashionable, comfortable & stylish attires list after sarees. With changing fashion trends every day, different types of salwar suits are available in the market like cotton salwar suits, stunning anarkali dresses, straight cut suits, patiala salwars, pakistani suits, extra long anarkalis, casual suits & the list is endless. All these suits are designed with various friendly fabrics like georgette, chiffon, crepe, cotton, shimmer, jacquard, satin, net & much more all embellished with fancy prints, embroideries & trendy colors matching the latest fashion trends.

The worldwide fame Salwar Kameez has achieved is due to the fact that it suits every occasion/event & comfort feeling it gives to the wearer. Not only it gives elegant look but it is the most comfortable outfit of all & this is the reason for its worldwide popularity.  In salwar kameez also, there are varieties like unstitched suits, readymade suits & semi-stitched ones which females can choose as per their convenience. Initially, it was wored by women's of only certain communities but it broke all the barriers & have acclaimed itself among the women in the entire world. Even though sarees continue to rule their numero uno position in pakistani ethnic family but salwar kameez is none the less. With increase in no. of highly educated & working women, the demand of suits has manifold due to the reason that women's need to travel in bus or train to reach their offices & that's they always prefer to wear suits due to ease & comfort.

What the above discussion boils down to is that salwar kameez has managed to attain the most lovable outfit position among females across the globe & with daily changing patterns & styles; it is going to stay here & will remain as one of the most fashionable Pakistani ethnic outfit.

Leather Hand Bags


                                                            Leather Hand Bags

With the increased consciousness and awareness about the fashion everybody wants to have the latest and trendy accessories. People love to have the fashionable handbags and stylish accessories that will give them the real fashion hype. Every woman wants to be appreciated for her style and taste. These days, women want to look stylish and stunning, for this they wear designer clothes, choose the best footwear and select the most beautiful accessories. They spend loads of money on various items like jewelry and accouterments. This is the result of tremendously lavish lifestyles and fashion frenzy in today[s modern society.

One of the most desirable fashion accessories is the highly sophisticated leather bags which ooze tremendous fashion and style. Teenage girls, girls in their twenties and middle aged women " no matter what age groups they belong to, women simply love fashionable accessories. These handbags can be seen being carried by the fashion icons, celebrities and models. The bags look extremely stylish and fashionable. Whenever any woman sees some beautiful and glamorous actress carrying the handbags, she also desires to have one for herself. These days, fashionable leather handbags are available in the markets at great prices. You can simply check out the various online portals and search for the most attractive bags. These bags are of great quality and look stunningly amazing.

These bags are ideal for offices and shopping purposes. One can easily put important items along with makeup accessories in these bags. No matter how many other materials like jute, cloth etc come in fashion, no one can replace the elegance of these bags. Prime reason of the immense popularity of these handbags is that leather exudes a unique sense of elegance, class and sophistication. Leather accessories are an ideal gift for both men and women and if you want to impress any lady then simply flaunt her by gifting her truly classy handbag.

Leather handbags are available in various shades and colours. Girls can make great style statements by carrying these bags in the colors which match their entire outfit. These handbags are available in various shapes and sizes. Different styles are appropriate for different occasions and purposes. It depends upon the choice and the need of the user that what kind of bag she prefers. A simple and spacious backpack would be ideal for a sports woman while a stylish carryall bag would help a practical lady who can keep her accessories in one place. For a more fashionable woman, a stylish and small hand purse would be the best. You can have the latest and the most exquisite purse and bags from the various online portals.

These days, you can find various designer labels venturing in the markets with incredible handbags and purses etc. Depending upon the choice and personality of the person, the bags can be chosen. Every woman wants to be admired for her sense of style and fashion. If she carries an exclusive and unique handbag then she will surely feel great. In todays world where fashion and appearances matter a lot, it is extremely important to carry fashionable and high quality accessories including bags, no matter where you go. People notice the handbags, purses and wallets etc you carry while you are traveling, visiting your friends' place, attending a party or shopping. Soleather handbags give you that perfect look which helps you create great impression on the people around you.

The biggest advantage of leather bags is that they offer great style along with utility. They are long lasting and durable. These bags can be used for carrying various important items while you are shopping. A leather purse would never look out of fashion or outdated, no matter what kind of attire you are wearing. If you want to have the everlasting piece of sophistication and beauty, then have a fashionable handbag. This would certainly be the best item in your fashion accessories collection.

Jewelery Fashions

                                                                                         Jewelery Fashions

Jewelry dates back to as long as 75,000 years ago. It was first thought to be used by Africans as a sign of power, worship, status, beauty, and even protection. They have also been considered by archaeologists and historians as an important tool in the determination of how cultures and societies all over the world have evolved.

Most people today do not realize the importance of jewelry and simply note it as a status symbol and an excellent addition to one's everyday outfit. People's jewelry fashion preferences also greatly vary as there are people who favor the timeless and elegant pieces while some lean towards the more modern-looking jewelry pieces that are in tune with the current fashion.

Looking Back A Bit

Looking back, jewelry about 75,000 years ago composed of bones, stones, and even animal teeth. It was not until the Ancient Egyptians discovered that they can make beautiful pieces that can actually be a profession for some. The middle-class persons make the beautiful golden jewelries while the upper class people buy them and use them.

Cleopatra's time showed fashion jewelry to be mostly made up of gold and colorful stones. There are big chunky necklaces, bracelets, and sterling silver rings while some are even worn as headpieces. Designs were mostly birds, snakes and the phoenix.

In the 1400's, or the Middle Ages, jewelries can only be worn by noble people. Jewelry fashion somehow turned out to be religiously symbolic while still denoting social status. Jewelries then were only used during important occasions and designs mostly depict religion.

The 15th and 16th century eras were the times when there was modernization in jewelry fashion. It is still religious and symbolic but a twist is noticeable in the designs around this time. It is no surprise that jewelry experts and historians call this the "jewel age" because this was the time when jewelries became more accessible to the ordinary people. This was the first time in history that anyone, regardless of social status and religion, can actually wear jewelry.

Jewelry Fashion Today

Today, jewelries are so common that it is worn everyday by just about anyone even infants. It still somehow denotes a status symbol especially if adorned with expensive diamonds or precious gems but more than that, they are worn for beauty and complimenting the overall look of a person.

Fashion Glasses


During Father's Day, a lot of people are confused about what to gift their dads on that very special day. There are a lot of things you can actually buy or purchase for your dad. However, you would want something that he can really use- something that he will not throw away in the closet. Usually fathers receive neckties or belts. Now, think of a new one like perhaps a pair of glasses. Glasses are one very important thing your dad will surely appreciate to receive during his day. And why choose a quality brand? Simply because as we all know, it specifically meets the needs of men when it comes to their unique fashion styles. While some men are not really mindful of their fashion, these glasses will definitely look good on them effortlessly.

Also, while your father probably wouldn't care much about the brand, it definitely would be nice for him to have something of great quality that he can use in all types of events. He may not know it, but he'll look extra dashing with frames for his prescription lenses.

If you understand your father's brand of aesthetics and just require help in choosing frame styles that will flatter his features, provided below are some age-appropriate designs to consider according to top optical retailers.

1. Round black is a good choice if your father has an angular face. It has round frames and nice proportions and is quite ideal for reading and progressive lenses. Famous style experts say the shape is just right for men in their forties, fifties and sixties.

2. If your father is round all over like Santa, the wire-rimmed matte black with its rectangular shape is a worthy option. Just like the earlier provision, it's lightweight and ideal for the usual lenses older men require. The overall look is sleek and clean. Another design to consider is the beige green which has a plastic square frame that is lightweight and durable. This design has a strong retro-vibe which may appeal to your dad's old-fashioned style inclination.

3. For a dad who is slender and has the oval facial shape, practically any frame design and shape would work. Just look at all the images of the man online; though he seems to be partial to round frames such as some other popular glasses, he has also been seen sporting horn-rims and large square frames that worked just as nicely in flattering his oval-shaped face.